About Koh Chang

Koh Chang is the second largest island and surely one of most beautiful islands in Thailand. Koh Chang offers many beaches and hidden secret spots where you can find privacy! It’s a sharp contrast to Phuket! Here you can still see ‘nature pure’ and ‘real Thai villages’

The island is also home to a wide range of wildlife, including a good selection of birds, snakes, deer, and a number of elephants. The island and near-by islands are great places for snorkeling, diving and jungle tours.
Only very recently, in less than ten years, Koh Chang has turned itself into a major tourist destination, both for foreigners and local Thais.

Koh Chang sunsetKoh Chang is the largest island in the Koh Chang Archipelago. The name means Elephant Island, named for the elephant shape of its headland, although elephants are not indigenous to the island.

How to travel and visit us?

Bangkok Airways has 3 flights per day from Bangkok to Trat Airport with a flight time of 40 minutes. However, considering your wait at the airport, the flight, the wait for luggage and your trip from Trat Airport to the resort which is about 4 hours, we could arrange a private car or mini-van to pick up at Bangkok Airport or Pattaya and bring you directly to our resort! The trip is about 6 hours from Bangkok and 4 hours from Pattaya. But it’s cheaper if there are a minimum of 2 people and you will see some nice scenery along the way as well!

How to get around at Koh Chang?

In the daytime, you can catch a “songthaew” which are named on Koh Chang as “taxi” on its route around the main road for 50 – 150 baht/person, depending how far you go. The rates are generally much higher than in other places, but the vehicles are almost new and in excellent condition.
Starting from 5.00pm, many of them start to ask ‘taxi’ price, telling you that they operate as a public transport only until that time, and may quote prices as high as say 500 baht from Lonely Beach to the Dan Kao pier (bargain if you choose to hire, do not support silly prices!). However, if you have some time and patience, you still can try and have a ‘shared’ ride with some drivers, maybe for a higher rate if they expect little or no other passengers.

You can hire motorcycles for as little as 150-250B per day. The main road is sealed and almost circles the island (10km is disconnected) and there are plans to complete the circuit in the near future. Cars are also available for rental; we can help you with this to ensure you end up with a insured vehicle. We recommend all-wheel drive cars since some parts of the road are quite steep and it can be slippery when it rains. For your own protection, please ensure you have an international driving license with you and don’t drive when under the influence of alcohol.

What to see and do at Koh Chang.

Bang Bao Village is a very interesting area to visit. It’s a true fisherman’s village with all the charms of rural Thailand.

Salak Phet Village is located on the East Coast of Koh Chang.

Klong Plu Waterfall this a tree-tier waterfall and a nice place to take a swim and relax.

Klong Nonsi Waterfall is at the northernmost tip of Koh Chang and offers spectacular views and the opportunity for bird watching.

Klong Nueng Waterfall is the smallest waterfall situated at Salak Phet.

Kiri Petch Waterfall is close to Salak Phet village.

Than Mayom Waterfall is a magnificent four-tier waterfall and surely the most famous and popular one at Koh Chang. King Rama V and King Rama VI once visited it and inscribed their names on the stones on the highest cliff of the cascade.

Besides the above mentioned, we can also arrange for you other excitements such as :

  • Diving Trips.
  • Snorkeling Trips.
  • Speedboat Trips.
  • Jungle Trekking.
  • Elephant Trekking.
  • ATV jungle tours.
  • Kayaking trips to the outlying islands such as Koh Maak and Koh Kood.
  • Sunset dinner on gondola boat and firefly sightseeing in the mangroves forests at night time.
  • Jungle adventure park in Koh Chang forest.
  • Night and Day fishing trips.
  • Night Squid fishing trips.


Important information
Like anywhere else in the world, Koh Chang is also the home of some people who like to take advantage of tourists.
We highly recommend you to book your trips, tours, sight-seeing etc. through our hotel or reputed travel agents to avoid you end up in tailor shops, gems shops and places which you did not plan to see.

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